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Before AD32 was conceptualised. Jay Woodard, our founder was building his knowledge in the business and marketing world.


After leaving college after studying filmmaking, Jay turned his hand to narrative storytelling. 


Jay was the first person to write, produce and direct a western in Cork city. The Stranger told the story of bandits in 1883, who stole horses to get away from a bank robbery leaving a trail of destruction behind them until the meet their fate at the hands of The Stranger. RTE purchased the rights to The Stranger and broadcasted it several times  2015/2016.

While making films with his production company, AClique Productions. Jay had to pay the rent, so he began making promo videos for local businesses. These businesses included, Sober Lane, Voodoo Nightclub, Classic Hits 4fm, Cork's 96fm and many more. 

It is here where he learned he through art brand storytelling. Jay was offered a role to take over the Digital Marketing at Cork's 96fm. He jumped at the opportunity to learn and create for such a established brand in Cork City. After almost 15months of creating campaign's, artwork, video content, photoshoots and much more with Cork's 96fm, Jay got the itch to start his own business and in Nov 2016, He opened Cork's first ever Doughnut shop, Huckleberry's Doughnuts. 

Huckleberry's was an over night success! Jay approached the brand and its marketing quite raw! It was truly guerrilla style marketing, in-fact, a few colleges have done lectures and curriculums on Jay's style of marketing and how he executed the crazy campaigns that made Huckleberrys at the time, the biggest doughnut brand in Ireland. 

As all good things have to come to an end, two years later, Jay had to Close Huckleberry's. 

The experiences and lessons he took from this rollercoaster still hold to him today.


He took a marketing position at Republic Of Work where he mainly focused on B2B Marketing. Another amazing experience for him to add more skills to his resume. He used email, event and product / membership marketing to promote and drive revenue for Republic Of Work. 

Then in the middle of a global pandemic Jay decided it was time for change and wanted to work for himself again! 

He started AD32 in early 2021. In the beginning, we were a full service agency, google ads, social media management etc but after one year in business we decided to strip all that away and focus on what we love doing, we LOVE creating stunning and memorable content! 

It’s been nearly 2 years, and our once small production company has had quite the glow-up! AD32 is now a full-blown, and fully-equipped creative production company in the heart of Cork.

We have created content for over 100 clients , in 5 different countries, with everyone from start-ups to globally recognised retailers.


We specialise in creating digital-first, social-first content for brands.

In essence, we make cool content for brands to post on the internet.


Republic Of Work

12 South Mall 

Cork City


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